What is Keto Database?

Keto Database is the comprehensive guide to ketogenic products and foods. Our database helps people access product information, research and reviews about keto friendly foods and products every day. All content in Keto Database is currently curated by the independent research of Daryl Auclair, also known as @ketotruths on Instagram.

I began my journey into the keto diet back in 2017. The first time I heard about ketosis was back in 2010 when I attended Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within conference. It seemed like a novel but unattainable concept at the time. Over the years, I have tried many diets. Low carb, raw vegan, calorie restriction, juicing, and lots of working out, but I could never fully meet my weight loss goals.

In 2017, I discovered keto when it was recommended by my wife Olga’s (at the time she was still my fiancé) plastic surgeon as a way to quickly lose weight. The more research I performed and the more I learned about keto, the more I was amazed at its possibilities to improve so many aspects of my health.

Keto has become a way of life for me, and I feel the need to share it with anyone who is willing to listen! I started my Instagram profile as a way to support myself through my keto and weight loss journey, and to support others who are seeking how to follow a ketogenic diet the right way. Along the way I have greatly improved my health and have helped numerous friends, followers and family members to start a ketogenic lifestyle. It has helped them to lose weight, improve energy, feel great, combat diabetes and more. Helping others learn the keto diet has become my passion!

Starting Keto Database was a way for me to reach more people and share keto in a more organized way than Instagram allows. I still share and help others through Instagram, but I hope that Keto Database can help more people find reliable information, product research and reviews about keto products that you are seeking.

The goal of Keto Database is:

  • To be a reliable source of information to learn about keto friendly foods and products
  • To provide a central repository of information about keto foods and products
  • To provide in-depth information about products that may not yet be well known in the keto community
  • To act as a bridge between producers/manufacturers and consumers to spread more accurate awareness
  • A place to read and share unbiased reviews from others in the keto community

Affiliate Program Disclosure

When you click on product links to third party websites we earn a small commission on the sale of any items you purchase. Regardless, our goal is still to keep product information unbiased, so we will never intentionally publish information that is misleading or untrue to the best of our abilities.

Keto Database
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